Did I pop a blood vessell in my head?
valentinechrissy posted:
Did i pop a blood vessell in my head? I was moving something three days ago and felt a pop in my head followed instantly by the worst pounding headache i've ever had in my life. It lasted probably 60 seconds then moved down the back of my neck and my forehead into a dull pain. It had for the most part gone away and then happened again this morning while i was brushing my teeth and gagged. Same exact thing...instant pounding headache. I feel like I'm sensitive to light and a little dizzy. What could this be?
carpetcrawler5 responded:
If you would have popped a vessel in your head you would have had to go to the hospital right away or you may have died. The fact that you're still ok means it was probably something else. But I would see your dr right away if I were you.
valentinechrissy replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
have an appointment with the neurologist tomorrow. thanks.