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always in pain
peaches980 posted:
I have a headache everyday, i was diagnosed with migraines a long time ago and its genetic. unfortunately i do not have health insurance and also am rather poor so a doctor really isnt an option at this point. I know my stress levels are high and my neck doesnt like me due to an accident a few years back but i have been in pain for years now. please anyone help me, if you know of home remedies I can try. I cant take this constant pain.
carpetcrawler5 responded:
If you are having headaches that often, you need to see a dr. There really isn't anything you can do at home, except to get more excercise as it helps improve your blood circulation, wrap your head in ice,go to bed and get up at the same time every day and try to find triggers by making a calendar and writing down everything you eat, drink and do each day.Don't take OTC or narcotic pain relievers because they can cause rebound headaches after they wear off.

You can go to your county hospital urgent care and ask to see a dr there, and they legally have to treat you on a sliding scale basis. Also try to see if you can get insurance thru your state. With daily head pain like that, you would need to take a preventative medication. Also there are abortives such as Imitrex and Zomig. However, did you have very frequent migraines before your accident or after? What you also need to do is see a pain dr who may be able to give you a steroid nerve block in your neck. It may not help all your headaches, but it should stop the ones coming from your neck.

Also do you take any meds for anxiety? They may have headaches as a side effect. Look up everything you're taking and find out what the side effects are.

I hope this helps.
peaches980 replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
Thank you for your suggestions. I had headaches long before my accident, I do go to the local hospital to get shots of toridal when my migraines get to bad but they never want to check for the problem or where they come from they just give me a shot and send me home. I dont know how I can convince them it needs to be looked into further because I dont thinks its normal to be in pain almost all the time. I am not on any other meds at this time so I know its not side effects. Its just hard to go abut my everyday in so much pain
allie_bf replied to peaches980's response:
Daily headaches can happen with migraines, especially when they are rebound headaches associated with OTC pain medication overuse, as noted above by carpetcrawler5. If you have a previous history of migraine, and you don't have any new and/or unusual physical symptoms, it's extremely unlikely that an extensive workup will be helpful. The ER's time (and yours) is better spent on getting you comfortable, then sending you home. Seeing a clinic doctor for preventative therapy would be helpful, and probably less expensive than you expect. Certainly, if you are working, the cost of going to the doctor is a bargain, compared with losing days at work (or even losing productivity at work because you are in too much pain to do your best work.) Since many of the migraine drugs are now available in generic form, their cost is substantially less than it was only a few years ago.

In the meantime, it might be worth trying to keep a detailed migraine diary to see if there is some new trigger that is prompting you to have so many headaches. While triggers are usually fairly stable, they occasionally can change, and you may be doing something (or eating something, or smelling something, being somewhere, etc.) that is creating unnecessary problems for you.

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