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wavy squiggly vision
jamiileana posted:
Hi There, I am a 53 year old female and i've had these extremely annoying visual wavy lines in my peripheal vision for years now. they are most prevelant on cloudy days though when i go into the bright sun they can be triggered by them too. this past summer has been pure hell for me with them and i am about to pull my hair out! i have had the wavy lines almost daily seven days a week! my Dr. says they are ocipital migraines without the headache but come on every fricken day??/

some day all i have to do is look towards the window and i see the wavy lines. sometimes i am sitting at my computer and the window to my left i will see the wavy lines and when i look that way they go away, or if i sit in the livingroom and there some some vertical blinds and they can look wavy too.

this is ruining my life! literally it is ruining my life because i cannot go outside and i cannot drive with wavy lines in my vision. I dont know what to do, i am sooo angry! i have been using opcon A eye drops thiking that maybe it is allergies making this happen almost daily but so far nothing has changed.

I take inderal for tachycardia and inderal is suppose to help migraines but it has zilch for this mess. the other day at six flags we all had to leave cause the wavy lines came on and cascaded right into a full migraine headache though the headache is not that bad, the visiuals are blinding. whe ni get the real bad strobe light wavy lines i get the headache but on an almost dily basis i am getting these wavy lines in my vision with a little bit of a headache..i can deal with the headache but not the wavey lines, i want them out of my life! some one ? anyone ? advice please!
cjl0510 responded:
I have gotten those also, but not near as often as you do!! I would go get another opinion, or maybe even see a neurologist. Have you been to the eye doctor? Have you had any scans of your head? Maybe those are things you could look into- because it sounds like you should do something! Good luck - let us know what happens!!
An_205107 responded:
I have had infrequent occipital migranes for decades (47 y/o female), that seem to be triggered by bright glaring light, such as from the sun reflecting on a car, combined with stress. The wavy lines send my stress level through the roof, and you are right you should never drive when it is happening.

I had a great thing happen today: about 5 minutes into an episode, I took 3 baby aspirin and within 5 minutes the whole episode stopped. Then I took 3 more baby (81mg) chewable aspirin, to make sure that if the aspirin was helping, that it cured it. Episodes used to last almost an hour for me. If I were you would try wearing sunglasses religiously, try going without eyedrops since it might not be "in your eyes." And if it is safe for you, see if baby aspirins help next time it happens. (I am not a doctor or nurse at all, so ask yours).

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