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Headache help
inmisery posted:
Dear Dr,
Hello. I am a sufferer of migraines. I had migraines several years ago, and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I have since been on c-pap. The migraines were almost diminished with maybe getting one or two in a 6 month period. I quit smoking July 2009, after getting a migraine.I hadn't had a migraine since until a month ago. I now have headaches or migraines almost every day.Please help, this is affecting my daily life including my job. People can speculate all they want on what causes them or what they think it could be, but no one really knows. I feel I have something wrong with me that could be serious. What are your thoughts? What should I be tested for? My arm has been itching uncontrollably for some time as well. Shingles have headaches as a symptom,but I do not have the rash. Please, any feedback would be appreciated.
carpetcrawler5 responded:
Have you been to a nuerologist at all? You could get on a preventative and can get abortives such as Imitrex or Zomig.
inmisery replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
Hello Dr.,
I have an appointment to see a neurologist. I was just hoping you may have an idea on what it could be. I have been prescribed wellbutrin, and for some reason, it has curbed the headache pain. When I don't take the prescribed dosage of 300 mg a day, I seem to get a headache again laterr in the day. It is a constant pain, though, and not a throbbing pain. It feels as though my head is in a vice.
Timothy Collins, MD responded:
There are several things that can make headaches come back. Stress, skipped meals and lack of sleep are the common triggers. You might want to have your CPAP machine and masked checked, and make sure that system is working correctly. Worsening of your sleep apnea could also make your headaches come back.

Wellbutrin is not a medication that has a reputation of working for headaches. I have other patients who have a headache when they skip a dose of Wellbutrin or try to suddenly stop it.
inmisery replied to Timothy Collins, MD's response:
But could stress cause daily headaches? It doesn't seem likely. I am stressed, but not to an excessive point that would make that a possibility. I get plenty of sleep, sometimes too much, and I eat regularly(although not a perfect diet).I eat alot of chocolate, mostly ice cream, and I can't think that would be it. I just got a new c-pap machine, so that can't be it either. I was on propanolol for about three weeks and it didn't seem to help until I started taking the Wellbutrin, which is odd, I know, but then I stopped taking both, and yesterday and today have been headache free for now. I had heard antidepressants prevented headaches. I don't want to exhaust you with this, I just thought you might have insight.
allie_bf replied to inmisery's response:
Stress can definitely cause daily headaches, at least over a period of days to weeks (probably not so much of a factor over the long term.) This is also a time of peak allergies for fall/winter mold problems. Even though you have a new CPAP set up, it wouldn't hurt to clean it again to eliminate that as a possible cause.

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