Migraines and metalic taste in mouth
An_205136 posted:
I have suffered from migraines for many years. Lately when I have them I have a metal taste in my mouth. What could be causing this?
allie_bf responded:
Having a metallic taste is often a drug side effect (particularly common with Topomax,) but can also be a component of a pre-migraine aura. Since people's aura is usually pretty consistent over time, any significant change in your headache pattern like this is worth mentioning to your doctor.
An_205137 replied to allie_bf's response:
I wasn't on any migraine medication at the times I had these migranes. But it's interesting that you bring up about the auras because one two of the migraines I had, I went partually blind in one eye. It took hours for my vision to be restored. Sometimes I have visual distortions and sometimes I don't but that was extreme. I could still see figures, shapes, and colors but I thought I was going blind (I didn't have any pain with it so I didn't realize at first that it was connected with migraines and when I realized it, I was happy I wasn't going blind but I was still worried about it.). Thanks for the feedback! God Bless you!