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Does flu cause migraine?
jeanniey posted:
I haven't had migraines in a few months but currently I have the flu (fever, chills, aches, cough, etc.). My migraine also came back right in the middle of my flu symptoms. I was wondering if the flu or flu shot, which I took in November could have caused my migraine? My normal migraine triggers are hormonal and stress but could this be a new trigger I have to worry about? Curious to hear if anyone else has experienced it.

Thanks for any feedback.
carpetcrawler5 responded:
I doubt if the shot gave you the headache, but whenever I get the flu or a cold I usually get a pretty bad headache. But for some reason if I take nyquil or store brand or whatever, it seems to help/
Synergy0309 responded:
When I get a cold I get really bad Migraines. Not the flu shot, but colds, or sinus infections, or other things that throws my body out of wack. My doctor told me it was normal and asked me if my migraines were worse and told me to take medicine with tylenol in it.
Timothy Collins, MD responded:
Almost any stress, including having the flu, can trigger a headache. Your bodies effort to fight off the flu (fever especially) can also trigger a migraine.

Coughing a lot is another common trigger for headaches when you have a virus.

Migraine medications can help with this, but they may not work as well as usual if you are sick with the flu
igloo98 responded:
I had migraines called 'cluster migraines' in my right temple from age 26 till age 46. They were random and on and off like 4 or 5 times a day for a month and then quiet for 2 or 3 months. Then, they miraculously went away. Now I am 62 and after a bout with the flu 3 weeks ago I have been having strong attacks of cluster migraines again. I remember back in my younger days that always after the flu I would have the headaches on and off for a month. I had them otherwise at random times, but always after the flu. I haven't had flu symptoms for years, and then when I did just recently, here came the migraines. I am confidant that soon they will be gone!