headaches after head injury
Wolfocean posted:
In April of 09 I was assaulted and had been hit on the back of my skull with tungsten carbide and was injured with a linear skull fracture and a concussion. I was rendered unconscious for a few minutes. I was treated for my injuries. Its been over a year and I still get headaches on a weekly basis at times right at the sight of my skull fracture even though the doctor checked and its all healed up. My Dr. cannot explain why I get the headaches in that area only. Sometimes they last a min and sometimes a few hours but it always comes abruptly and with no notice and feels like it did the night it happened like I am constantly being hit in the back of my head. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.
allie_bf responded:
My mother had a skull fracture, and has headaches at the site to this day. Not encouraging, I suppose, but hers have become pretty infrequent now. I would suppose the explanation has something to do with tissue damage at that area ("scarring?") She found that mild diuretics helped when the headaches were bad so she took menstrual remedies (e.g. Pamprin or Midol) even though the headaches had nothing to do with menses.
carpetcrawler5 responded:
Tie ice around your head.