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Migraine Diet (1-2-3 program)
knw001 posted:
Has anyone out there had luck with the 1-2-3 program by Dr. Buchholz? I've been on it for almost 2 months now and my migraines are worse than ever. I've given up my coffee, alcohol, chocolate, a host of other foods that are supposed to trigger migraines, plus my painkiller (Frova). According to Dr. Buchholz, the diet is supposed to take up to 4 months to be effective, but I'm at my wits end after only 2 months. I'm in agony, with migraines almost daily, and don't think I can take much more of it. I would love to hear from anyone who has tried this migraine diet or something similar.
KatInTheCorner responded:
First off, you need to start seeing a Migraine Specialist and discuss your preventive options if you are having near daily migraines.

As for Food Triggers.... I've done elimination diets on two separate occasions since I started having chronic migraines in 2007. You know what? I have two food triggers. Oranges and Stevia (but not aspartamene). Both of which I found out by accident. I'm not triggered by any common foods. I know several migraineurs who have no food triggers.

Triggers are individual. There is no "one size fits all" approach for migriane. What you would be best off doing is keeping a migraine diary. Pay attention to what you eat, but also pay attention to how you slept, what environmental stresses there are, what is the weather like, etc. Once you've been keeping a migraine diary for a couple of months, you can start seeing what your triggers are and managing them.

Also, you don't have to give up your Frova, just use it correctly. Frova is not a pain killer, it is a migraine abortive. You should use it a maximum of 10 days per month, otherwise you run the risk of Medication Overuse Headache (also known as rebound headaches) and Transformed Migraine.

Good luck!
Gerschwinn responded:
Hmmm.... I am not sure u read Dr. Buchholz's book properly... or maybe u read it with a migraine... You should have given up ALL medication that triggers rebound, and that includes Frova and all other triptans. You can only use the painkillers you have not used much and that do not create rebound, and you can use anti-vomiting medication like Primperan. I know its a difficult step to take. Two weeks after I took I had much less frequent headaches.
carpetcrawler5 responded:
The thing about caffeine: If you don't have a headache, stay away from caffeine. BUT if you haven't had a mig in awhile, and you just start to get one, then drink some coffee or eat dark chocolate.
knw001 replied to Gerschwinn's response:
I read the book cover to cover twice, and I gave up the Frova months ago (which is why I'm in agony when the migraines hit). I haven't taken anything for migraines, except Tylenol, since I read the book, and the migraines keep coming. His book suggests that it can take months. How long have you been following the program?

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