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incomplete migraine
An_205228 posted:
I am a 50 yr old female with no health problems, present or past. 5 mos. ago, I had an episode in which I did not recognize a family member that I should have. It really freaked me out, but I'm not one to run to the Dr., so I made a note of the date in case it happened again, then I would go. Well, last week it happened again. This time, for about 5 -10 min., I did not recognize my daughter. It was so strange. Eventually, when she placed her hand on my arm for me to focus on her, I can only explain it was like a curtain slowly pulling open and when it was opened all the way, it dawn on me who she was. I had no other symptons--no pain, no blurred vision--although I can't remember picturing her face until later.
Dr. did blood tests, Carotoid artery test, CT scan of head, and thorough physical exam. Tests all came back normal...... He said it could possibly be an "incomplete migraine" without the neurological symptons (like headache). I will mention that I NEVER get headaches; I don't believe I have ever had one.
What is known about this???? Anyone know??
Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon,

Wow, that sounds very strange! I'm sorry you had to go through that.

I did a search on WebMD to see if I could find some information on an "incomplete migraine", but couldn't find any resources.

I'm hoping our great community will chime in with their experience here. I'll keep looking and checking for more info and let you know what I find.

Please keep checking back and let us know what else you found out, if anything!!
carpetcrawler5 responded:
It sounds like you may be experiencing something in addition to migraines, such as Alsiemer's. Sorry I can't spell that word.
Timothy Collins, MD responded:
Your symptoms are not consistent with migraine, and there is no such diagnosis as "incomplete migraine".

there are people with migraine aura but no head pain, but your symptoms are not migraine aura symptoms. (This is called aura without headache or "Acephalgic migraine".

You may want to get another opinion from a neurologist (or another neurologist). CT scan is not a very good test for these symptoms, an MRI scan would be a better choice.
4saints replied to Timothy Collins, MD's response:
Thank you for your response. I will get a second opinion. I was wondering though, is the term incomplete migraine the same as silent migraine??
Timothy Collins, MD replied to 4saints's response:
I've have heard migraine aura without headache called a "silent migraine" meaning the patient had vision or sensory symptoms of migraine without the painful part of the migraine.

I've not heard other doctors using the word "incomplete migraine" so I'm not sure what your doctor was trying to explain with that term.

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