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sever headaches
echo2189 posted:
i have sever headaches that cause a pulsing pain. they cause me to vomit, lose all focus, become weak and dizzy. and in some cases they have caused me to pass out. i have had headaches last for days on end. currently i am on day 3 of my current headache. longest i have had one last is 27 days straight. please give me some advice on what to do.
NeNe_11 responded:
Have you been to a neurologist yet? What do you take for them, if anything?
nannykimber responded:
be seen by a dr. could be mirgraines could be something else. I have had a mirgraine that lsted 15 days with all the symptoms you discribed they started to subside after the 12 day but I was so exhusted from being in pain for that long that it was another 3 days before I even began to feel somewhat normal. I had to convince my work that I was really sick and that this wasnt something I made up. It was called a status migraine basically a migraine that gets stuck! I thought I was gonna hurt myself just to get the pain to stop. Thank god for my husband taking me to the hospital. They gave me 3 shots one was benadryl the other was tordol and the last was something that started with a f or ph souldnt pronounce it to save my life but I'll tell you that that "Cocktail" saved my life. I never understood when I heard of people with chornic condtions killing themselves but after that I COMPLETELY understood how you could be in soooo much pain that you feel like death is your only escape. Please go to a doctor or if you dont have one find one that treats mirgraines. It will bring some relief. You don't HAVE TO LIVE with the pain. Please keep us posted. Take care
echo2189 replied to NeNe_11's response:
no i have not been yet, i hope to be able to go soon so i can figure this out. and i have tried taking so many over the counter and prescribed medicine but nothing works.
echo2189 replied to nannykimber's response:
i wish i could go to the doctor, i have no health insurance :\. i am so sick of my head being in so much pain. and i know that i need to be checked out asap but im so afraid that i will get stuck in medical debt.
NeNe_11 replied to echo2189's response:
Could you go to your family doc & ask for a rx for generic preventaives that you could get at Walmart for $4 each? Examples of such meds would be propranolol & nortriptyline. I am trying to be a doc here, but you have to start somewhere & to pay out of pocket for the Dr. visit to get some scripts for some meds that could potentially help you is worth it!

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