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Intense headaches with no answer.
An_205252 posted:
My boyfriend has been getting intense headaches since December, and they have been getting worse. They use to be located only on one side of the head, at the temple, but at some point switched to the other side and now only occurs on the right temple. They happen more and more frequently - at least once a day - and can last anywhere from ten minutes to hours. When they occur, he says it feels like his brain is too big for his skull. He sometimes gets lightheaded, he feels like his mind is becoming more and more clouded, and he has little or no appetite, often throwing up at that point, and has lost about thirty pounds over the past few months because of the frequency. He has been to the doctor several times, has done an MRI and a CAT SCAN but with no definitive answers. He says doctors have said that there is a leak between his nose and his brain and maybe that has something to do with it, but no doctor has come up with specifics about where the leak is exactly, why it is there, or what to do about it. He was prescribed antibiotics, but have not seemed to help. He is limited on the medication he can take because he has a blood clotting problem This is the information I know, and I would very much appreciate any expertise or advice at all because I hate seeing him suffer, and with no answers he's very worried that it could be incredibly serious. Thank you very much.
mymygraine responded:
My headaches are very different than those you are describing, but I would waste no time, especially because your boyfriend has lost so much weight, and is vomiting so much to go to a specialty headache clinic where they can put him under close observation for about 2 weeks and find out what the problem is. I would reccommend the Diamond Clinic in Michigan - they are very helpful, and will get you in as soon as they can. If he has insurance it will probably cover it, if not it will be worth it to scrape the money up from somewhere because it sounds more serious that certainly I have encountered in my 41 years of migraine history. I have never heard of a leak between one's nose and one's brain, and on that non-specific information alone I would ask the current doctor for a referral to he Diamond clinic post haste. An inpatient stay at one of these clinics can do more in 2 weeks than can be done in a year of tx as an outpatient. Good luck.
migrainegirl04 responded:
I would love to email you some information that I have about nerve compression. I have the same thing so I have done research on this. You can email me if you would like at . Hope this get's better.
carpetcrawler5 responded:
What type of dr did he see? A nuero would be the right one to see, like the other poster said about the Diamond clinic.
yukonok responded:
Keep going to a new Neurologist until you find one to refer you to another type of specialist, or who has answers! If the one(s) he has visited have not been able to help reverse his health problems, he must move to another (take copies of all test/reports so not to repeat them unnecessarily). If you take your car to a mechanic who can't locate the problem for the "issue" your having you go to another to find someone w/the right expertise to help. That's even more true for our health issues!
An_205253 responded:
I would strongly recommend getting a second (or third..) opinion from a new neurologist who will take his pain seriously, and also consulting an ENT, who can examine his nose and sinuses and advise of any blockages there. A headache center is also a good option, although in my experience at one, it was no different from seeing a new neurologist. Also, your boyfriend is lucky to have you looking out for him and helping him- he may not articulate this, but as a headache sufferer I can assure you that a loving and supportive partner makes it a lot easier.

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