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    Heat and Migraines
    Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Does the sun and heat cause you to suffer more headaches and migraines?

    How are you taking care of yourself in this heat?

    Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.
          -William Ellery Channing
    NeNe_11 responded:
    The sun is one of the major causes of my migraines-I saty out of it as much as possible. The worst is trying to drive in the after-dinner sun, its intensity is painfully blinding.
    penguie responded:
    getting more headaches than ever with the heatwave and trying to avoid taking meds. Thankfully I have been working a lot which is done inside in an AC hospital. But its hard, I am chugging loads of water and just counting down to winter, 150 days teehee!!!
    WickettWI responded:
    The sun and heat have a huge impact on my headaches and migraines. When I tend to be exposed to too much heat, I suffer for it later with a migraine that will last for days at a time. I always get my headaches and migraines in the same place, in the middle of my forehead, almost right above my eyes and sometimes down to the bridge of my nose. Usually nothing helps other than trying to sleep in a quiet, dark place, and I cannot take any meds when I have one, only preventatives. Air conditioning is a lifesaver!
    Grandmaof03 responded:

    I have not been here in a really long time but was going to post about having a migraine that just will not go away...

    Its been going on since I woke up Saturday morning...I woke up with it and took a shot of Saturday night it was back...just took all my other meds and went to sleep...woke up Sunday with it and again took a shot of that takes care of that for the week....right now I am laying with ice on my neck to try to get some relief...

    I am taking all of my other meds...Neurontin, Cymbalta, and I take the Vitamin B2, Magenisim and Feverfew daily and I must say that has worked wonders...but I live in Pittsburgh and like the rest of the United States...the heat and humidity is off the charts...

    I don't know what else I can do for this headache....I have been taking 2 alieve a day cause sometimes that will help me...but I have psoriasis and sometimes alieve will cause my posriasis to get this point though.....I don't care...I am taking it anyway..

    Does anyone have any other suggestions??? Anything would be greatly appreciated....

    carpetcrawler5 replied to WickettWI's response:
    That's strange, usually migraines are on one side, in the temple.

    Anyway I try not to go out in the sun, but if I have to I wrap ice aeround my head. I hate winter, it rains here all the time except during the summer, and my garden gets ugly with no color.
    carpetcrawler5 replied to Grandmaof03's response:
    You could try Indomethicin just when you need to function, but it's bad for your stomach if you take it regularily, so take it with lotsa food.

    You could try ice around your head, and also try using a TENS unit, it could help.

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