Problems with Promethazine?
NoMoreJim posted:
I recently start seeing a neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic headache clinic for my migraines and one of the things he prescribed for me was promethazine. I took it for the first time yesterday and am wondering if anyone has a had bad reactions to it... with about an hour of taking it I could barely keep my eyes open(I only took 1 12.5mg, which from what I can tell is a very small dose) but my legs were so restless I couldn't sit still. Even 8 hours after taking it this was still going on and after sleeping most of the day I also slept all night. I know it can be extremely sedating, so I guess I'm not to considered about that part but the restless legs were just awful! Has anyone ever had a reaction like this? and what should do? I obviously don't want to take this medication! Should I tell my doctor that I think I'm allergic to it because I had such a strong reaction?

Also, are there any anti-nausea medications out there that won't cause this?

carpetcrawler5 responded:
Promethazine is Ohenergan, an anti-nausea drug. Did you look up it's side effects? If you're getting a reaction like that with it, I wouldn't take it anymore, and tell your dr.