I Can't Skip Class Anymore...
EgosumEpic posted:
I have been victim to migraines for a long time now. Ever since I was little. I wake up with them sometimes but often I get them because I dont have time to eat lunch because my schedule and workload are ridiculous. It was the last straw when I got an awful one last night. I began sweating, was disoriented, and could only stay in bed because I felt too nauseous when I walked (so I couldn't get food). The funny thing is they don't go away when I eat. I get about three or four a month. When I bring it up to doctors all they do is tell me to eat, (really you should see my options and my schedule). Medications NEVER help and I usually end up throwing up by the night time. They last all day and it makes me feel like I have the plague. I'm worried because I still have my migraine even after eating breakfast. My friend said it sounded like I have a stomach virus (the barfing and such). But I'm not sure. I'm losing my free days to skip class. I'm not sure what to do anymore.
Swimgirl57 responded:
I usually wake up with my migraines also - and used to be about 3 or 4 times per month, but now they are a couple times per week. Have you tried all the triptan-type drugs like Maxalt, Axert, or Imitrex? These work wonders for a lot of migraine sufferers. I'm not sure how old you are...high school or college, but I would ask your doctor about these drugs, and also an anti-nausea prescription -- sometimes that can help also with the actual headache but really takes away the nausea. I take Maxalt and sometimes an anti-nausea medication together. Don't give up -- you have to be aggressive with your doctors. And also ask for an MRI to rule out anything else -- unless you've already done that. I feel your pain, we are all in this together!
itmatsb responded:
So sorry to hear about your difficulties. I used to get headaches most of the time when I was in grade school, which I later found out was from eating a sugary, low calorie breakfast. Even in high school and college, I realized that if I didn't eat a good breakfast and a good lunch, I would get a bad headache by late afternoon. You can carry food with you to eat on the run. Now I even have protein bars in my purse, so that if I don't have time for a meal, at least I have those bars in my body system. Once the headache arrives, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. I don't know if there's something about yours and my systems that cause the headaches from not eating, I can't tell you because I was never diagnosed as hypoglycemic.

Now I have far worse daily migraines which is a whole different story. But sorry to reiterate what your doctors have told you, but it is up to you to stop your headaches by eating.
carpetcrawler5 responded:
If you only get that many a month, get some coffee or chocolate right away when the pain first hits. Follow this with the protein bars suggested by the other poster.