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Success with Oxygen Therapy - 1 month Migraine Free
Natalie_M posted:
So it is not a secret that the use of Oxygen for migraines has been shown effective in clinical trials. I had the chance to use a medical grade oxygen tank twice while under attack from vicious migraines - and twice I found immediate relief. The earlier you take it in the migraine cycle, the more effective. The oxygen is administered through a nasal cannula for no more than 15 minutes at a fairly low rate of 2L. Oxygen is a vasoconstrictor - it returns your blood vessels back to their normal state and stops the pounding within minutes. I have what is considered "classic migraine" without aura but the clinical trials were I think mostly for cluster headaches. I spoke to my doctor and said I would really like to get a prescription to have this in my home. She said she would write it, but it was unlikely to be covered by any insurance. I said I don't care and I would pay for it. I took my Rx right over to the medical supply, and for 160 dollars cash, came home with my very own tank. It is only 25 dollars to refill. This tank contains enough oxygen to provide 12-18 treatments, depending on whether I use it for 10 or 15 minutes. It will only need to be refilled a couple times a year and the tank will last 5 years. It is much cheaper just to own a small tank and refill it than to rent one. The amount of oxygen needed for treating migraines is extremely small, especially compared to other medial conditions. I have to share with you all - I have been MIGRAINE FREE ever since acquiring this and it is over a MONTH. For me, this is amazing and has not happened in over 7 years since mine became chronic following an accident. I have had 2-4 per month like clockwork despite being on Topamax, Lexapro, and taking Frova, Maxalt, and Imitrex and Xanax and Flexeril as needed not to mention diets, therapy, exercise, massage, you name it. I'm a young woman and otherwise healthy, and frankly I'm tired of having migraines ruin things. I will not be stopped. I will find a way not to need drugs. I have used the oxygen tank about 4 times when I feel the weird feeling coming on including the tightness in my neck and head and the tiredness for no reason. I even went out and partied for Halloween 2 nights in a row, and I just attended a family wedding and drank - you will not believe this - 13 alcoholic beverages throughout the day - (open bar, don't judge, it was a scientific experiment!) and unbelievably I did not get a migraine. I had taken some oxygen before going on the trip. Alcohol is one of my known triggers too and I can usually not have very much at all. This is a natural and CHEAP therapy compared to expensive medicines. It is surprisingly easy to obtain, and you have nothing to lose by trying it out. Your doctor will write you a prescription. If it doesn't work, you can probably just return the tank to the medical supply place. Understand you must have a prescription and you must use medical grade (pure) oxygen. You must have instructions on how to use and store the tank safely, as oxygen is highly explosive. You cannot smoke or light any matches while it is in use, and you must store it where it will not fall over. The tank is small, portable, and easy to use.
Swimgirl57 responded:
I am so happy for you!! Why should we have to suffer all of our lives with these *&#* migraines! I'm going to my Neurologist tomorrow because nothing has worked for me yet, so I was going to ask about Botox, or even Adderall (because believe it or not that seemed to cut down on my headaches!), but I don't want to be on a bunch of drugs. I will mention oxygen to him and see what he says. Did your Neurologist prescribe it, or your regular MD?
carpetcrawler5 responded:
That's interesting because I have only heard it working for clusters. I might ask my dr about it, although I was given that once when I had a mig and it didn't. Maybe it wasn't pure or they didn't do it right.

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