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    how can I get rid of a bad migraine ?
    amc0628 posted:
    I have now had a migraine headache for almost 16 days. I have gone to urgent care and they gave me a pain shot that helped for 18 hrs and then came back. I ordered a vitamin called fever few that someone suggested I take it has helped a little bit but as soon as it wears off the headache comes back worse then it was. I have had MRI's done and they came back clear. Does anyone have any suggestions how to get rid of the headache or what I can do?
    55lvt responded:
    I would contact a neurologist and they can prescribe migraine medication like Maxalt (works for me). Could you possibly have TMJ-teeth grinding? Are you under unusual stress? Stress is very powerful and I have seen first hand what it can do. You might also be having sinus pain from all of the extremely high pollen that is in the air right now. It can mimmick a migraine. I will be praying for you!!
    carpetcrawler5 responded:
    Feverfew is a preventative herb that can take a couple of months to work. Personally it never helped me. I would go with the suggestion about seeing a nuerologist. Actually first see your regular dr and get a referal to see the neuro, although in some cases regular drs can help. There are many preventative meds that can help you. Your migs persist because the first one causes inflammation and nerve irritation and that makes it easy to get another one.. Hope this helps.
    kkbuzz responded:
    I had headaches a few times a week along with a few other problems. I started taking calcium/magnesium supplement and have not had but maybe 2-4 headaches in the last 6 mo. I was told my the health food store that they have several people who take magnesium for migraines and it works well. I was taking 500mg of calcium and 250mg of magnesium but had to increase my magnesium to the same as the calcium. I have noticed if I don't take it a few days I get a headache. I hope this helps and I hope you feel better.
    jenlewi responded:
    You need to see a neurologist to get something that will work for your migraine without giving you a rebound headache. Have you done a headache diary yet? If not, start immediately. Track everything you eat or drink, along with your sleep patterns, and make a note of the times the headache is worse or better and what helps/hurts. Your doctor can use that to help you identify your triggers as well as finding the correct med for you without so much trial and error. Artificial sweeteners and some food colors are major triggers, so keep track of those especially, or eliminate them altogether.
    itmatsb responded:
    It's true that if you take any pain reliever, even over the counter ones, for 3 times a week or more it will cause rebound headaches that last indefinately. Instead you should be taking a daily preventative one. It will be cheaper for you to take it by prescription if your insurance pays for it. If not, I take an herbal Petadolex which is butterburr which must be taken every day and starts to work within 6 to 8 wks. It has been tested by the German govt. to assure that there are no toxins in it, which is very common in our untested herbals in the U.S. Plus the studies showed 62% fewer headaches with it. I went to this herbal one, which you can find on-line because none of the prescription meds helped me at all.

    There are other treatments as well which a neurologist could give to you.

    BTW, if your headaches are severe, they are not being caused by any sinus infection. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection at the time which an ENT, pulmonologist and 2 neurologists said that my sinuses could not possibly be causing my migraines.

    Good luck.
    septemberleaves responded:
    I have had migraines for 44yrs. My daughter also has them. I have been to many Dr's and taken many meds. All of the meds have caused stomach problems and I now have stage 3 kidney disease. I believe that is also from the damage of medicines over the years! There are so many triggers that it is difficult to keep track of it all. Monosodium Glutamate is the absolute worst offender for me and will make you want to shoot yourself for relief. The weather, sleeping too long, not enough sleep, stress and crying, strong odors such as gasoline and bleach, too much sunlight, dark chocolate, nuts, going too long without food, and probably many more things that I'm still not aware of. It brings on depression which only makes it worse! I have missed weddings, funerals, graduations and so many other important occasions. It has taken much joy from my life and most people, including family members do not really understand. It has changed who I could be and who I am. Dr Oz says Magnesium 600mg a day will help. that is what I will try next. I already take feverfew. I take an exspensive drug called zomig (the generic) to help get rid of them after they have started. When Imitrex injections first came out, I gave myself shots. When my children were little I could hardly take care of them and made many trips to the emergency room. I have great empathy for anyone with these headaches. I do try a deep relaxation technique when all else has failed and cannot take anymore meds. It is almost like going into a hypnotic state or a lamase class for childbirth pains. Thank goodness for insurance because without it the zomig tablets(30ct) is about $1,700! With insurance $60 copay.

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