migraine medication
1morski1951 posted:
Years ago my doctor took me from prescription medication to Excedrin Migraine-which works very well for me. Now that they have had to pull it off the shelves-I am without anything to use, Has anyone heard or aware of when it may become available back on the shelves again?
Swimgirl57 responded:
Yes, I called the manufacturing company and they say probably by mid-year. You can still get the little packs of Extra Strength Excedrin in the convenience stores, like AM/PM mini marts or any of the gas stations with mini-marts in them. I know it's not the Excedrin Migraine but I compared the two and they have the same exact ingredients - you probably just need to take two of the extra strength pills. I know how you feel, Excedrin is the best over the counter pill for some of my headaches. Good luck.
Weezie6452 responded:
My neuro recommended using Blowfish in place of Bayer AM and Excedrin Migraine, both are off the market. It's a combination of aspirin and caffeine, in a fizzy tab like Alka Seltzer, and no acetaminophen.

They market it for hangovers, so I was hesitant at first (and the name is pretty funny!) but it really works well. I just take one tab early like you would with the other ones. I've only found Blowfish online but it's worth looking for.

Hope this helps.?
carpetcrawler5 responded:
Aspirin isn't a good med to take, because you can get rebounds when they wear off. You're better off just drinking a cup of coffee next time your headache just starts to come on. That's the ingredient in the Excedrin thing.
Weezie6452 replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
Excedrin Migraine contains aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine. My understanding is that caffeine boosts the effect of the pain relievers. Blowfish is a good substitute for Excedrin Migraine since it has similar, though not identical, ingredients.

I also like this Blowfish product because it doesn't have acetaminophen, some of my other meds already have plenty of that.