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    oxycodone for my headaches
    Romeo1104 posted:
    Hi All,
    Ok i've been wanting to write about my issues with pain for a long time and get some advice so here goes...

    I'm a very healthy 32 year old male! ever since i was 4 years of age i have suffered from awful headaches and migraines - I remember at the age of 13 thinking i would not be alive pass the age of 17 due to the pain being related to a brain tumor that's how bad it's been... My Father, his sister, and my grand mother all suffer from these as well... So since i was a kid I've been taking acetaminophen with codeine ( over the counter) and Advil migraine pills to deal with the pain... My migraines have always come with the weather - i can tell you if it's going to rain because out of no where i get sick... Anyway last year i talked to my DR and he sent me for an MRI... everything came back normal.... we started every migraine med on the market... he even asked me to stop taking any and all meds for 1 month which i did and the pain was still there... I don't drink, i don't do drugs, i don't smoke... So he put me on Demeral and it worked BUT i felt very light headed and it didnt take the pain away it was more like i still felt the pain but didnt care... I went back to his office and give him back the pills and said i can't take these as i need something that will take away the pain and make my act normal LOL... so he gave me oxycodone 5MG IR... for the first time in my life a pill that took away the pain and didnt make me feel off and i was able to function.... I have a really great Doctor whom i talk to once every few weeks to let him know how I'm doing... 3 weeks ago i took the last bottle of acetaminophen with codeine and flushed them down the toilet!

    Here is my ISSUE - There is such a sitgma if you take Oxycondone from the public... and it's because of people who abuse these meds! Shame on people going to the DR for the only reason of getting high... you have no idea what that dose to people like me who need this because of the chronic pain i have... it's so bad that i'm always reashering myself that I'm not an addict! hell i take one pill a day... sometimes i go 4 or 5 days without any pain so i don't have to take anything....

    Here is the odd thing, I have a bad knee ( hockey) and a few other growing pains but the Oxy doesn't take the pain away from that!!! it only works for my headaches...

    So to the world out there NO i have never crushed up a pill,NO i don't drink, YES i would trade a bad leg or something else to never have the pain in my head anymore!!!! To the Pharmacist who gives me a look when i get my RX get a life! I have pain that i wish i didn't have... i wish a normal pill would take away the pain, i wish i didnt have this pain, i wish i didnt have to take a pill that people have abused! I haven't abused anything... I'm just a a guy who can't live with the awful headache pain - I have tried EVERYTHING and if there was something else i would do it in a heartbeat...

    Anyway i would love your thoughts on this... have you taken or do you take Oxy for your head? if so what should i look for in the coming year being on this drug? since my headaches are triggered by weather does anyone have any suggestions...

    I feel so much better that i've written this - it's hard to tell people you take this as they think your an drug addict
    jenlewi responded:
    The best advice I can give you is to try to keep it a secret that you're on oxy. Your docor probably already warned you about this, but in case he didn't, there are meds you absolutely do NOT want anyone to know you have in your house. Most insulin-dependant diabetics who use syringes are discrete about it, not because they're ashamed, but because those syringes are an invitation to drug addicts to break into your house.

    I tried oxy for my headaches at one point, but they didn't work for me. Strangely, they helped every OTHER ache and pain, but did nothing for my migraine. I suppose each of us reacts to things differently. They also left me feeling disconnected. Yuck. My doctor only gave me a script for one week to try it, though, so I didn't have to worry about having them in the house long-term. He DID warn me to use a pill case and destroy the bottle and label to avoid having anyone know what I was taking.

    As for the pharmacist giving you dirty looks, ignore it or ask to speak to their supervisor to complain about their behavior if they're really obnoxious about it. I get the stink eye every time I have to get my allergy medication, as well as having to sign something to promise I'm not cooking meth with it. Those of us who legitimately take drugs others abuse have to accept the fact that our meds are at the top of slimeballs shopping lists when they look for a house to break into and we have to protect ourselves by keeping quiet about it. Anyone who doesn't HAVE to know what you're taking shouldn't know. Convenient lies about your meds that don't result in becoming a target are blood pressure pills, antibiotics and birth control pills, although you're out of luck on the birth control excuse! Herbal supplements is a bad excuse, because some folks will ask to try them, even without a clue what the pills are supposed to do.

    Good luck with the headaches. I hope the oxy keeps working for you.
    Romeo1104 replied to jenlewi's response:
    I Really like your post! I'm in Canada, and in every city here you are allowed to go to a pharmacist and ask for a needle - they do this to avoid what you were saying and the spreed of STD'S..

    that sucks the pill didnt work for you, do you mind telling me what did work?
    jenlewi replied to Romeo1104's response:
    Fiorinal with codeine worked for awhile, then inderal worked for awhile, now imitrex is what I've got to use for bad migraines. My last ER trip for a migraine was bad enough that I got Moriphene for the second time in my life. Bad, bad, bad. I should never get that again. I require constant, and I do mean CONSTANT supervision for 48 hours after a single dose to keep me from wandering off and/or doing something remarkably stupid. I react strangely to a lot of meds, and side effects that are mild in most folks can be epic for me. The wanderlust is something that seems to be only me, though. It happens with general anesthesia and extra-strong pain meds. I'm not sure why or where I'm going, I just want to walk. I've escaped full restraints in the recovery room to get out of bed and promptly fell on my face. I'm quite docile, not the least bit combative, and I genuinely TRY to be good, but I just have this compulsion to walk. When I'm caught and led back to bed, I lay down wihout a fight and stay there until the compulsion hits again. I suppose I was lucky the oxy only gave me a third-party perspective on myself.
    Canaryyellow responded:
    I am 57. Been suffering since I was a teen. When I hit my 40's. Started getting them minumim of 15 days out of every month. Over the years I have tried pretty much everything, sometimes things work then my body rejects it and I will get sick from taking meds. They still work, but weighing the getting sick part doesn't seem worth it. I will tell you right now...I don't care what you look like, you Will be treated like a drug addict. Ironically for me that is the only problem I don't have, drugs don't agree with me, the weather doesnt agree with me. Heck, my headaches are an indication of something else going wrong with me or nothing wrong with me. I live this nightmare everyday, will I have a good day or bad day. I recently had to go to hospital because I lost control of my migraine, they were okay, but even though I told the doctor to not give me to strong meds, he gave me really strong ones, had a hard time waking up took me 12 hours to finally get out of bed, woke up with 102 temp., I never get a temp. So I went back to hospital, middle of Friday night. Guess if you go in twice in one day is a bad thing, not only did they treat me terrible, I told them I didn't think I should have a high temp. Never asked for anything but why am I so sick. Doctor said I was already in for the day and what was he suppose to do. I told him he was the doctor not me....he kept pushing urine sample, I wanted to know for what reason. Then he started yelling at me. I finally said fine take a urine sample, this is coming out of my pocket, so I want to make sure he just wasn't doing a fishing trip. Then I was ascorded to the bathroom with a nurse standing outside the door. Keep in mind not a soul in the er. This was a drug test no doubt. I went back to my room told my husband we are leaving, as my head was a 7 on pain and I was running a high fever, they didn't even allow me to lay down. As we were leaving, I told them if they felt like it they could call us with results. 15 minutes later a call came in, I needed to be put on antibiotics right away as I had a bladder infection. My husband went back picked up a pill and left. Needless to say, I will bypass that hospital if I ever need it again. Found out later my kidneys could have shut down. This isn't my only story of being treated like a drug addict, just on how dangerest it can be if you don't take your own heath in your own hands regardless how your being treated. Stand your ground. I know I will be more careful next time.
    jenlewi replied to Canaryyellow's response:
    Your story is unpleasant, but familiar. Those of us who actually NEED drugs others abuse are treated like addicts. I live in an area with lots of hospitals. I've learned the hard way to avoid the teaching hospital with the trauma center, because Lifeflight takes people to that one regularly, and they come in right past the other patients who are waiting. Saw some things I really didn't want to see at that one. I also avoid the one that's med-happy. They promote their quick turnover rate, but they don't do much to find out what's wrong. After either "fever" or "pain" is mentioned, the doc's got his prescription pad out. I've got other options, though, and each hospital has a specialty, so it's easy to know where to go. I'd advise checking out the local hospitals before you need one to avoid a repeat of that experience.
    carpetcrawler5 replied to jenlewi's response:
    I think it would be better to leave the pills in the bottle with your name on them so if someone did want to check you, like if you're pulled over, your name will be on the bottle so they know you got it ligitamitely.
    carpetcrawler5 responded:
    Several things; First, be careful what you wear to the ER or pharmacy. Don't wear ripped jeans or look like you came off of the street.

    But I was wondering, you said you got tylenol with codeine over the counter, I don't think they give you taht over the counter. And it's strange how the two actually have the same ingredients, Opiods, and only the oxycodone worked for you. Everyone is different tho. One thing you should know is that eventually you will get used to them and they won't work for you. Has Initrex ever helped you?
    jenlewi replied to carpetcrawler5's response:
    He's in Canada. Tylenol with codeine is OTC there. Last I heard, you couldn't get Advil OTC there, though.

    Keeping your doctor's card in your pocket is good for proving you have the drugs legitimately, but even if you keep the intact bottle for travel or at home, you don't want that bottle where strangers who can follow you home looking for your meds can see it. I'm just relaying what my doctor warned me about safety issues. As I said, I only had them for a week, and my doctor wanted to be sure nobody hurt me to steal the pills.
    signorelli responded:

    romeo i understand what you've been through i had a very terrible headaches i am not a pill person so i went to the doctor because i can't manage the pain anymore and he gave me a FLUNARIZINE i took only 10 of it and it's been 9 days without headache i used to have a headache everyday. you try maybe it will help so that you can stop with your oxy but i know it's very hard to get off that meds you have to get a DETOX but anyway you don't have to be shame because people might think that you are an addict? so what you are just an ordinary guy seeking a meds that fit to your condition. In other hand good thing that got one kind of med help your headache than suffer.. but anyway sorry about my words i don't really speak English well...
    jenlewi replied to signorelli's response:
    It doesn't sound like he takes enough of it often enough to need detox if he changes meds, but why should he change something that works? All of us want to find something that makes us feel better and leaves us able to function. Heck, if oxy worked for me, I'd take it. Unfortunately, nothing really works for me without side effects. The imitrex makes me shaky and sick for a day, and for the first two hours after I take it, I can feel every beat of my heart as if it were slamming against my ribs. Not pleasant, but better than the three to five days of pain, vomiting, photosensitivity and all the other charming effects of a migraine.

    I've had other, stronger, meds in the ER before, but those all make me incredibly stupid. I'm dangerous to myself on them, so I stick with the horrible feeling the imitrex gives me for now. My doctor says if it gets worse, I'll have to stop taking it, which will mean another search for something to work. I do NOT want to endure the trial and error of looking for a new med all over again.

    I gotta say, anyone who's got something that works for them should be allowed to use it without judgement from anyone. His doctor gave it to him, it works, that's good enough in my book.
    monalisa423 responded:
    I have suffered with migraines for years, over 20. At first, I was taking pain killers, but about 8 years ago I tried a medication that is not a pain killer. It is my 'miracle' pill. I take it as needed. There have only been 2 times that I actually had to take 2 pills within 24 hours, and that is the max allowed. I cannot take Imitrex, it makes my heart race. I suggest you ask your neurologist about Relpax 40 mg. These doctors usually have samples. It can be your answer to dealing with migraines. I had to take a Relpax this morning - the weather pattern has changed this weekend. I know it triggers my migraines. I live in Florida. You don't have anything to lose, so inquire about Relpax. I swear by it! Go to and check it out. The only side effect I have is the sleepiness, but that is okay because I cannot sleep with a migraine. No pain is great! If you don't have migraines, you can't understand the feeling, right? Good Luck, you will want to thank me for the information!
    jenlewi replied to monalisa423's response:
    Relpax works without the racing heart that imitrex gives? I will absolutely ask about it! Thanks. I don't mind trying something once to see if it's better, as long as it's not the first in another long line of drugs that don't help. If my doctor has samples, I'll use it for my next migraine. (I hate the collection of bottles of pills that don't work when I've got to get full prescriptions.) I know I've got to be watched if I take something that makes others sleepy, but if I get away with taking it without my wierd wanderlust, I'll have a new med.
    blekking responded:
    Thank you for this. I too take Oxy for migraine but feel horrible guilt over it. But it is the only thing that helps and I feel I manage it well.
    signorelli replied to jenlewi's response:
    yea your right!

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