migraines and hand tremors
diamndgrl posted:
My 14 year old daughter has starting having migraines. This was not a total surprise, as I also have migraines. What concerns me is that she has also developed a tremor in her right hand. It is random and is not always associated with a migraine. The severity of the tremor ranges from barely noticeable, to her being unable to hold a glass in her hand. She has seen a neurologist, and her MRI came back normal. I am at a loss as to where to look next.
Skiff responded:
I would be interested to know how you are doing with this. My daughter has the same situation. age 14, Right hand tremors, headaches, MRI normal. She tested positive for mononucleosis so I am hoping her symptoms resolve as the virus goes away. There is another older post with similar symptoms by another parent.