Help with headaches.
salinah posted:
When my son was smaller I was walking behind him and I think he ran off i'm not sure so I ran after him and didn't see the play equipment at the park and hit my head (forehead) really hard on the bar that was going across the play thing. Well I didn't black out but I felt one or all my brain moved back then in place and panicked for a minute and went after my son. I didn't go to the Dr till a couple of days later and he said it was nothing. My husband was deployed at the time and when I told him what happened he said it was probably a concussion. that was a couple of years a go. Now I get these horrible headaches in the same place I hit my head I can be laughing sometimes even bending down or when i'm sick coughing and my head hurts so bad that I have to take Tylenol and sometimes that doesn't even work. Any ideas what it could be?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Salina,

Considering how long this has been going on, please be sure to see your medical provider to start pursuing answers and help.