Thunderclap headache?
0205jmb0205 posted:
I recently stumbled across some information about something called a thunderclap headache. It caught my attention b/c it sounded like headaches I've had in the past. I've never sought medical attention for these headaches b/c usually just taking acetaminophen is enough to get rid of the pain, which was enough to convince me that these headaches weren't anything serious. However, after reading about all the serious underlying causes of thunderclap headaches, I am a little concerned. My question is, does that fact that acetaminophen is enough to ease the pain of these headaches most likely mean that they are nothing more than a regular headache, and not a thunderclap headache?
vonnie33 responded:
suffer thunderclap migraine and nothing gets rid of them..medication may ease but defo dont stop them. hope this helps x
itmatsb replied to vonnie33's response:
Don't you think that you should see a doctor after what you read? Why don't you make an appointment--today?