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    Please help!! esp if you have experienced this..
    ashehgoshers posted:
    I'm a 22 yr old female, healthy as far as I know. I drink maybe 1-2 cups of coffee maybe 5 days a week. My job is semi stressful. I work out at least 5 days a week. Healthy body weight, eat fairly healthy.. buuut
    I've been suffering from migraines since I was about 11 years old. Originally, they'd start with the aura, then I'd have a pounding headache that would last for hours.. until I'd finally vomit and feel muuuch better. Like pressure was released. These would occur about 6 times a year. They weren't frequent but when I had them they were awful. I'd cry during the whole episode and couldn't do anything but lay in bed.

    I went about a year without one last year.. I think I had one perhaps.
    Now, recently.. I've been getting the aura (this has been going on for about 3 months) with LITTLE to NO headache. And the aura lasts for days.
    I went to my ophthalmologist and he ruled out any eye problems. I've had blood work done, hormone tests done, nothing unusual.
    But this aura thing is bugging me. Sometimes it's the zigzag white shimmery light, other times it's just a light that flashes.. like if you look at something bright, then look away, it just stays there. And yesterday I got these black, silvery stream streak looking things. but they last for a few minutes, then come back, all day long, or several days.

    With my zigzag aura, my speech will get slurred, not slurred but like, I'll feel hyper and forget what I'm saying and my words will get all jumbled and mixed up, I'll get confused and nauseated (I think the nausea might be because when I saw that aura as a child it usually meant I'd be puking soon). The other auras, don't come with a headache, and never really have.

    these auras lasted for a few days a couple weeks ago, then went away.. and came back 2 days ago. my headache is small if there at all but the off and on auras are scaring me.

    any experience with this? anyone? please. I'm very worried. my doc didn't seem too concerned. said it was prob just ocular migraines. but they're not the same old migraines I'm used to. my eye doc said maybe they're getting better. but if it's so frequent and changing from my old migraines.. I can't be sure of that.
    ashehgoshers responded:
    my blood pressure is also normal for the most part! except once at the eye dr it was 104/63, which is low. but I've always had a low to normal blood pressure. i.e. 117/68 usually.
    Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi and welcome,

    I'm so sorry about your pain and unanswered questions. It sounds so frustrating. I really do think you need to search for another doctor or perhaps a specialist or neurologists. There is no way to diagnoses you over the internet and I know you are looking for those with similar experiences.
    But bottom line isI think you need to follow up with another doctor.

    I hope other can help and support you here as well. Please let us know how you are doing.

    Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.
    -William Ellery Channing
    BadlandsAK responded:
    It is possible to have migraines that entail only one of the systems, such as the stomach with the nausea/vomiting, or visual auras, they don't always come with "headache". I learned a lot about my migraines by reading Oliver Sacks. His book "Migraine" is especially of interest, though it is a little dense. He's the neurologist behind "Awakenings", if you're familiar with that book/movie. All of his case studies are fascinating. Hope you find an answer, and never hesitate to see another doctor.
    ashehgoshers replied to BadlandsAK's response:
    that's a bit comforting to know. it's just scary to me that my migraines have shifted lol. from headache and vomiting and aura and pain, to just aura.. constantly almost. and it's not a bad thing because that's a lot better that puking and being in terrible pain, but it's scary because it's new.
    I want to go to get an MRI but I dunno why my doc wouldn't have suggested one if he was worried about it. my eye doc said I need to get one! but my regular doctor didn't. maybe I should just switch doctors. the doctor I have hasn't done much for my migraines. he prescribed caffeine pills at best.
    NotYourAnswer replied to ashehgoshers's response:
    I am not diagnosing anything, just a thought. Could it be a silent migraine? My dad has those, but he will actually lose much of his vision for a few minutes to hours. Maybe it's something like that. Do seek a new doctor, and good luck.
    PoisonCat replied to ashehgoshers's response:
    I am 66 years old now and male, and began noticing what I learned were scintillating scotomas when I was somewhere around 25 years old. With me, they involve no pain, usually last maybe 45 minutes, and definitely interfere with vision. I experience them maybe a couple of times a year.

    Mine usually progress similarly to what you mentioned (except for not lasting as long as yours) -- begin with an extra blind spot (as if I had looked at a bright light for a moment) that grows, begins vibrating, and turns into a pretty, sickle-shaped area covered with zigzaggy, vibrating, pastel-colored short straight lines. Think of a parquet floor with a herringbone pattern, but made of tiny, pink or yellow or baby-blue blocks. The point of the sickle blade is close to my foveas (both eyes), spreads out to the side. When the pattern covers the fovea, I can't read normal print but can see (sort of) to the side; my peripheral vision is sufficient for stuff like newspaper headlines. If I'm driving, I usually stop for a few minutes.

    I was given cafergont tablets to help control nausea (I think they contain caffeine and ergot), but never needed them.

    I have been repeatedly assured that there is nothing dangerous about scintillating scotomas. (Unless they affect driving, I suppose.) And it sounds as if your symptoms are becoming less severe. I am told that what is going on is the result of spasms in the vascular system, so blood flow is (temporarily) restricted, but after the spastic episode ends, blood flow is normal. And I've heard that it's /after/ normal flow resumes that migraine attacks generate the pain.

    Conversely, if you have a stroke (either from hemorrhage or blood clot), that damage is likely to become permanent if not treated promptly. (But I'm not a doctor, so take all this with a grain of salt.)

    Are you sure that an MRI would help you? It would be expensive, and you'd be looking for a muscular twitch in the blood vessels in your brain. It might not be possible to see much, especially if the unpleasant effects are evident only after blood flow has returned to normal.

    I agree with @NotYourAnswer that you might want to get a second medical opinion, but having done so, you may discover that your current doctor has already been giving you excellent advice. Good luck.
    ashehgoshers replied to PoisonCat's response:
    well I am not sure that an MRI would help or not but it would at least ensure that I don't have a tumor or something crazy going on.

    I am glad the headaches are getting less terrible, but like I said, just worried because they have changed. my eye doctor said that it sounds like they are getting better. and that would be great, but the fact that it is off and on and random for days is what is so weird.

    I'm sure it's just a silent migraine or opthamolic migraine, which is what eye doctor said. but I just wanna make sure I don't have something like a tumor in my brain or behind my eyes that I don't know about.
    I did have blood work and hormone test done that all came out normal. I don't know if they would've came up as abnormal if I had a tumor, but I just wanna know and see that I don't have some crazy hidden aneurysm or mass just waiting to wreak havoc.

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