11 yr. old daughter's migraine trigger
adav88 posted:
My 11 yr. old daughter just got a bad headache between her eyes immediately after eating cheese pizza and Gatorade. Could this be a migraine and if so, what might the trigger be? We've decided that Dr. PPepper gives her migraines - either sugar, sodium, caffeine???
itmatsb responded:
It would seem like the cheese might be a trigger. It is a trigger for some with migraines.

Also sometimes caffeine can be a trigger so that would explain her reaction to Dr. Pepper. But there are plenty of people who claim that caffeine will help their migraines.

Keep track of what she eats and drinks before she gets her headaches. There is very expensive IgG blood testing that can tell what someone's food sensitivities are. But if you can tell just from experience that would be the cheapest way.

Good luck to you.