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Scud_mig posted:
I am a 30 yr old man with a 4 yr history of chronic migraines. The first time I had a migraine, it lasted 9 months, everyday. My current episode is knocking on the 9 month door as well. I have shorter episodes between these extended marathons as well. All scans and blood work show nothing. My Dr, who is a headache specialist, believes they are caused by severe repression of childhood events. I am previously diagnosed with severe PTSD. My headache doc says I have developed a D.I.D. and it is expressed by these migraines, he calls, fusion headaches. I am to see a neuropsychiatrist for the dx. No meds help, Triptans, beta-blockers, natural stuff, ergots, pain killers, anti depressants, anxiety meds. Been on so many. Any advice, guidance or ideas? I have 4 kids and a wife, I just want some normalcy and to enjoy a pain free day.

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