Head pain
Stacyd1979 posted:
Recently I have developed a peirceing pain on the left side of the temple area of my head. Just concerned that I should be worried? It last for about 30 seconds. Of course I have anxiety as well and it really scares me.
Jammitt55 responded:
I've been experiencing a quick throb of pain in my left temple off and on for the past 2 wks. I wouldn't call it piercing as it's so quick to come and go. It comes out of nowhere and I can't see any pattern. You can read my post above for more details. My neuro did say there are sometimes after effects of migraine which I did have 2 wkends ago but this seems to be long lasting. I do have an appt this wk just to set my mind at rest that everything is ok. I see your post is from 6 days ago but I hope you've gotten some relief.