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    Pain in Forehead
    ffpaws posted:
    My Name is Karen,

    I am a Chronic Migraine sufferer, with Fibromyalgia/CFS, PTSD,Bipolar, Depression, Asthma, Mild COPD.

    On February 23, 2012 I started getting a pain in my forehead that mimics a Migraine at first but never goes away only worsens. on Mother's Day it went into a Full blown Migraine which normally I can relieve by using an ice pack. This relieved the Migraine portion of the pain, but not the head pain itself. I have been having visual disturbances in which my vision goes a frosty milky white. I have had a Normal General MRI (ie. no tumors). I do have a deviated Septum which has gotten worse, but I have not been back to the ENT doctor. I use Ayr/Fluticasone. I have a Concentric Bulging Disc in my L4-L5 Region.
    I can no longer comprehend how to work out any math problems in my head or on paper, I have to use a calculator. When I look at text it looks fuzzy. I just went to the eye doctor and had my vision tested and found out I have lost most of my Peripheral Vision. I have the eye doctor stumped as there is nothing definitively wrong with me. I am slated to got see a neurologist in October for this pain in my head.
    However, I am seeing my regular doctor tomorrow due to an increased weakness and exhaustion that is beyond CFS. I always feel like I am never getting enough oxygen, but yet with the oxygen meter it says my oxygen rate is good. The other day I was so weak after walking my dog out to the field which is less than 200yds, I had to crawl up the stairs to our apartment and lay down immediately. I have also had major problems in transposing my letters with my left hand when typing and having to go back and correct them with my right hand. I constantly have involuntary muscle tremors in my legs. My legs always feel like "jello" and I often wonder if they are going out on me.

    I know this is more than Fibro/CFS and my Daily Chronic Migraine. I am wondering though, could it be an Atypical or Complex Migraine?

    As a side note, I just crossed my right leg over my left and got the most painful surging right at my groin area. It hits so hard I double over involuntarily. I do have Diverticulitis, but I do not think this was it, this was too far down for that. It only lasted a few seconds.

    I am getting really concerned and no doctor has been able to give me a diagnosis yet.
    walmartsupermom responded:
    I am there as well. I have Chronic Migraine, Fibro, Possible MS, Possible Pherferial neruopathy, and Possible Parkensins. I also have a vit. B defficency, vit D. defficency, 3 types of Anemia, severe arthritis, a possible herniated disc somewhere in the lower back, sciatica, and general anexity disorder. All the possibles are my doctor saying "well it could be... lets send you to a specialist". I have seen three specialists now and am going here soon to see a fourth.
    Oh, and I'm dyslexic.

    Of your symptoms in the second paragraph I too have issues with eye sight that the eye doctor can't explain. Last year I was out of glasses, this year I'm in bi-focals with my left eye (always been my problem eye) having a near blind without glasses label in my chart. I have migraines and then constant pain from the neck up. I have issues with my breathing as well and my O2 stats are normal. I have a rubber sensation in my legs, limp everywhere, and have had them go out on me.

    According to my doctor these are symptoms of MS and Parkenson's mostly, but every test for both have come back negative. I do these tests yearly.

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