Hysterectomy & Migraines--to keep or not to keep ovaries
mommy2dylan2005 posted:
Hello. Wow, what a story!! But I believe it, I found a major trigger of mine about a year ago, that being ANY SCENTED CANDLES, PLUG-INS, ETC. My migraines dropped drastically. That is until that last 6 months bc I have had terrible problems with migraines, long lasting heavy periods, retroverted uterus to the point it is pushing on my internal organs, specifically my colon. Also, I have had major infections in the lining of my uterus, and severe symptoms of endometriosis for over a year. The doctor told me a week ago that he is doing a full hysterectomy (which means he's leaving my ovaries, even though they are covered in cysts, which I have had 2 burst very painfully!!) in 10 days (well that's 48 hours away) and I'm so confused as to what to do about my ovaries.[br>I am 33 years old, have one child, it was a very complicated pregnancy. I have had pre-cervical cancer treatments 2X in last year. I understand the importance of estrogen, but from what I've read, estrogen can cause endometriosis to continue to form even when the uterus is removed. [br>Also, it seems that from what I've read, and people I know, about 80% of women who do not have ovaries removed during hysterectomy, usually are back within 2 years to have them removed as well. What should I DO?? [br>I'm terrified of my migraines getting WORSE but also do not want the hormone triggered migraines anymore (I can tell when my period is starting and ending b/c I get migraines during both) or more endometriosis. I use maybeline products, FYI [br>Any comments would be appreciated!![br>