Namenda for Migraines?
freckles1963 posted:
Hi there I have been on Lamictal and Amitriptyline preventative Rx's for my migraines. Neither one worked and I was up to the maximum dose of Amitriptyline. My neuro Dr wants me to try Namenda for my Migraines. Has anyone tried this Rx and if so did it help and did you get any side effects?
Zuzka responded:
I do not know anything about Namenda, but my neurologist just took me off of Lamictal (which my psychiatrist had me on). I have daily migraines. So far, it's been two weeks, I haven't noticed any decrease in migraines, but intensity has been down quite a bit some days. (I'm currently not on any preventatives as we see the role Lamictal might have on me.) So, if you are on Lamictal you may want to discontinue it and watch for three weeks what, if any, effect it has on you.