Shooting pains from frontal-lobe all the way to spine and finally, middle back.
AnnabelLee posted:
I have been experiencing these types of pains now for almost a year. They don't happen often, but when they do- they are hell. I just had one about 30 minutes ago (and it's still happening) and this one was by far, the scariest- as I went completely blind for a solid 20 seconds. It was the most terrifying experience I never want to go through again. Before I blacked out (so to speak), I did some stretches, which could have triggered it? I'm not sure. When I got up, I thought I was fine. After sitting on my bed, just trying to relax, is when my vision was impaired. I am so scared. My head doesn't hurt as bad, but my neck and the middle of my back are still killing me. Feels like a 200 pounds man is sitting on my back, neck, and head.