Chiari 1 Malformation, Kyphosis, DJD, Pain
Chiari1 posted:
So recently I have been diagnosed with a whole bunch of things. I have been in the US Army Infantry for over 9 years now and have multiple combat deployments under my belt. I have had intense migraines, back pain, neck pain, and pressure throughout those areas for a long time now. After complaining enough about these, I was tested for TBI (IEDS) and was found to have this condition. While conducting X-RAYS, MRI's, and CAT Scans they also found that I am suffering from Chiari 1 Malformation. I am retiring tomorrow from the Army for medical reasons including TBI w/migraines, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety. Army doctors are terrible and literally told me they have no knowledge of how to treat me. After numerous arguments with the Captain "treating" me they finally quit servicing me all together. Great, I know. I am in extreme pain almost every day and usually I am good with tolerating it. But some days I literally consider killing myself to end the headaches, spinal pain/pressure. I have also been diagnosed with severe Degenerative Disk Disease in my L&T Spine, as well as severe Kyphosis. Would I be out of line to go to the ER during "breakthrough" pain episodes?? I have nothing prescribed to me and OTC meds have no effect on the pain. It literally starts creeping from my upper back into my neck, and then my head. Once it gets to this point I cannot stop it or bear it. What should I do???
OtterMac responded:
If the pain is intolerable, you are well within your rights to seek care at the ER. No one should have to tolerate that level of pain untreated.
(By the way, my daughter was just diagnosed with Chiari 1, she gets headaches, but I believe they are unrelated in her case.)