What the hell is this?!
oxDoxOoxCoxToxOoxRoxKox posted:
Hello, I'm a 19 year old Female, I'm just slightly overweight, I've never had issues until about the age of 15-16. I started feeling dizzy a lot, the room would spin, I'd start to feel like things were blacking out on me, I had nausea and getting motion sickness quite often. I went to the ER and they told me I was very dehydrated. My body absorbed 2 pints of some type of saline solution. They did a X-Ray on me and told me I have Scoliosis, but not bad enough for surgery. After that I started getting horrible sharp pains in my head (Sometimes in the left temple, sometime the right, back of the head side of the head...etc.) that last about 5 secs to a min that come and go at random times. I thought it was just a migraine starting, which I do get them sometime, but Excedrin always helps. I got sick on Oct. 9, 2012 with some sort of congestion crap, pain behind my eyes, and my nasal passages, but they got worse at night time. I took some Musinex to try to pull that crap out, and it made my heart start beating irregular. I went to the ER and they told me I was having an anxiety attack, gave me a sedative and it went away so I was able to sleep. I was having issues sleeping because when I laid down my back, neck, and head hurt horribly. I started propping myself up when I slept which sort of helped. The next day after the ER I started to feel better, until it became night again. I took one of those sedatives (Lorazapam) which was prescribed to me and it gave me sharp chest pains on my left side and causing me to breathe funny, I felt like I wasn't getting enough air. I called a nurse hotline, and they told me to stop taking the medication and go to the ER again. I fell asleep that night, and felt fine the next day. Weeks passed by, I haven't been coughing at all but my pressure/congestion hasn't gone away. The pressure behind my nasal passages moved upward into my head, causing horrible headaches (More like head pain from pressure). I catch myself clenching my teeth when I try to go to sleep. I've slept on my sides since I was at least 8 years old, but I cannot anymore because of this issue. If I lay on my right side, my left temple hurts (vice versa). Today, It has been one month since I caught this "head cold", but I think It's more than that. I still have horrible head pains, pressure in my temples, horrible strained feelings in my neck, (right side) and my shoulder blades are sore as hell, still feel like I have issues breathing (more at night), sensitivity to light sometimes, loud music gives me a headache, the smell of some foods make me nauseous, still having sharp pains in my head, but they last longer now, and they're more frequent. I swore I was pregnant, took a pregnancy test last night, It was negative. I'm going to see a doctor in about two weeks, hoping they can find something to give me, or fix me. Does anyone know what I can do?
oxDoxOoxCoxToxOoxRoxKox responded:
I forgot to mention that when I get up, or move quickly, my heart races, and If I start moving around quickly and go and sit down I feel like my heart is trying to stop on me. It's painful.