Migraine in temple
NeNe_11 posted:
Hello. It's been awhile since I posted here. I am a chronic migraineur but Sunday night a migraine unlike any I can ever remember began.

My right temple suddenly began throbbing & the right side of the back of the neck just below the skull is very sore & when pressed, sends a sharp pain directly to the same temple. Unlike my usual migraines, this one has not responded to my usual medications. I tried Sumavel Dosepro Pen with flurbiprofen (prescription ibuprofen), caffeine, ice on neck & temple, aleve & vicoden. I get about 2 hrs relief from the dosepro then it comes back just as strong & sudden. The vicodin actually made it much worse yesterday. Normally, my migraines are in both temple and/or head & respond to dosepro + flurbiprofen for at least 16 to 18 hours before I need the next dose. I dont know what this is & if I need to call the doctor right away.