Abnormal Brain MRI
An_249211 posted:
I recently had a concussion from a blow to the head. I did not loose conciseness but was very disoriented and the headache and nausea stayed for a while. When I first went to the ER to get my head stitched up and also had a CT scan done and was send home. A couple of days later, my doctor ordered an MRI. I waited for days to get results and nothing happened. Unfortunately I left my phone at home today and missed my Doctors office trying to call me. My Doctors nurse left three Messages and the last one she said' I cant get in to details over the phone but your MRI scan came back abnormal and they have made an appointment for me at a Neurologist on Monday. I suffer from anxiety as it is but after receiving this message I sufferd a full blown anxiety attack. I called the office to see if someone can call me back because I cant wait an entire weekend to get my results fearing the worst. I am so scared but also super angry for her to leave a message like this on a Friday afternoon right before she went home. Finally after calling the after hour help line the on call Doctor called me back and said, she believes if it was something life threatening my Doctor would not have had her nurse call me, but her self. But what could this be? What does an abnormality on an MRI Scan mean and why do I have to see a Neurologist so fast….Please someone I am so scared and don't know what to do. Prior to my head injury I had not neurological issues at all