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p with mystery condition?
An_249515 posted:
I'm a 28-year old male and for over a year I have had a chronic feeling that is best described as similar to the onset of a flu (without sneezing, aches, chills etc.) and a 'hung-over' like feeling. This feeling is largely confined to my head. I have periods of weeks where it's worse and then weeks where it's better but it's basically there to some degree almost every day. I have no other symptoms (no physical symptoms, no abnormalities in the blood, CT/MRI all fine, no triggers that make it worse or better, no impact on mental or physical abilities other than that it just requires more effort). Other than the usual fluctuations between better and worse weeks, it hasn't gotten meaningfully worse or better since the onset (which was sudden, I just thought I caught a normal flu). It gets worse when going to sleep and when waking up. It has a tendency to get better on weekends or holidays. It isn't bad enough to stop me from working or doing anything else but it has clearly had a big impact on my life and the cluelessness of the medical community has left me exasperated.
I have had done all the possible tests that one could do with several doctors and none of them have been able to find anything and all of them (whether they are generalists, CFS or lyme or infectious disease specialists) said they've never seen anything like this and can't help me. No serious doctor has suggested that it's psychological and a psychological cause simply doesn't seem likely to me.

I've also done a lot of research myself and the things that come closest are:
-CFS/ME: but I almost never feel fatigued or tired so that basically excludes it (I've also seen several CFS specialists who all say that my symptom(s) doesn't fit)
- Lyme: all tests negative and I don't have any of the other symptoms. Antibiotics showed no effect (not even the 'herxing' that many Lymies seem to get).
- Yeast infection: I've changed my diet to very low carbs for over 6 months and that hasn't changed anything (no herxing here either).
- Some kind of a latent viral infection that could have been reactivated (blood tests show I had EBV and HHV6 in the past but then again most of the population have had those).

I've been on all kinds of supplements (mainly multivitamins and mitochondrial support such as CoQ10, NADH) which haven't made a major difference either.

I've tried several antibiotics and antivirals (both conventional and alternative medicine) which haven't made a difference either.

I've changed my lifestyle, moved flats and seen whether it changes when I travel. All of these have had no impact on my symptoms.

If anyone has any clues or has ever been through something similar, I would very much appreciate your help!

Thank you very much.

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