Chronic Tension Headaches?
DearAshleigh posted:
I am pretty sure that I have CTH; I have headaches definitely more than 15 days a month, always have. It feels like something is pressing on my temples, and sometimes it feels like my neck/back of my head are in extreme pain. A lot of the time I get nauseous from it, obviously light and noise affect me a lot.
My question is, for anyone suffering as well, how do you manage?
My dad always thought the headaches/migraines came from me not being able to see well, I need glasses/contacts, and so when I started wearing contacts we thought the headaches would go away. And what do you know, they didn't. I just want to know if there is a solution, I'm tired of not being able to live my life.
nailah123 responded:
would say go see a holistic doctor. Do you have any vitamin deficiencys , Being low in vitamins can cause daily do you eat alot of salt with your food. High sodium levels can cause headaches. I would also say conventional doctors will fill your head with prescription medication and send you on your way. Educate yourself about health and you will notice a difference
An_249441 responded:
Have you been seen by a doctor for migraines? It sounds like the migraines that I get, not tension headaches. There are a lot of good treatments out there that may help you.