Migraines-behind eye
An_249625 posted:
Hi! I've been having migraines for several years now and feel like I've tried everything. I've changed birth control, gotten off birth control, started taking different vitamins and supplements and nothing gives. I get them about once or twice a week and it always starts behind the inner corner of my left eye. I take relpax at the first sign but it will wipe me out for the rest of the day. Does anyone have any info on why it is always behind my left eye? And any suggestions would be greatlyyyyyy appreciated!
Th3momof2 responded:
Hi there. My migraines are ALWAYS behind my left eye. Some days I feel like if I could just remove my eyeball, the pressure would ease up and the migraine would go away. From all the research I have done and according to my neurologist, those of us who are plagued with the monster in our brains, typically have them in the same exact spot every time. It is awful and I feel for you. Just know you're not alone!!