Sharp increase in migraine attacks
Th3momof2 posted:
I have recently been experiencing an irregular heartbeat. By that, I mean my heart starts racing and feels like it skips an average of 4 beats per minute while the "attack" happens. This usually lasts anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Along with this there has been a sharp increase in my migraine attacks. The current monster in my brain has been every other day for a week. The days that I am not hiding in a dark room laying absolutely still, my head feels sore. Could the two be linked and any ideas on what may be going on? I have reduced my caffeine intake to one cup of coffee in the morning and a 20oz bottle of soda midday, trying to see if that will help the heart thing. I'm 39 y/o and do have an appt with my primary care physician on Monday. I just have to make it through the weekend with just one Relpax left.