Migraine/Headache Problems
An_249865 posted:
Ever since I can remember I've always had back Migraines/Headaches. I tried using a Migraine Diary but I can't come up with a common trigger to my migraines... every time their different. Every day I wake up to know that I will get one... sometimes they only last a few hours, but other times they go on for days, weeks... and its inflicting the way I function every day.

At the moment I have another Migrane that's lasting now around 3 days or so... I don't know what to do about it. So far today I've taken 2 Aleve, 4 Advil, 4 Excedrin. The only thing that gave me some relief (about 3hrs or so) is the Excedrin. I can't keep taking pain killer after pain killer...

Every time I get a migraine their always different. I live with these migraines... and at this point don't know what to do....

At times their so bad that I can't sit I have to walk/pace back and forth. I tried turning my body upside down... and it help... but when I sit back up the pain is back. I tried eating ice... it does help... but only if I eat ice 24/7.

You name it, I have almost every symptoms of Migraines and some of Tension Headaches...

Does anyone recommend a pain reliever, or something?!
Cay__ responded:
Avoid chewing ice - after years of ice chewing i have 3 cracked molars that now need caps. very expensive ice.
Get hot packs that you can microwave and try putting those on the back of your neck and on your forehead - it will increase the blood flow (which is probably why being upside down helped)
if you are eating that many painkillers you are probably in a rebound pattern - once the pain killer wears off, the headache comes back with a vengence and you have to take more. Hydrate, heat packs, and lie down in a dark room.
You really need to go see a neuro - one that deals with migraines / chronic H/A - they do have other things that will help you get off the pain / pill marry-go-round.
good luck.