headaches only when breathe through right nostril
sedler14 posted:
Ive had sinus issues for years, i am 26 years old and run 5 times a week. I recently had my second syntoplasty done in december and thought that would stop the headaches. I get headaches only on the right side of my head and its only when i inhale through my right nostril. It almost feels like extreme cold air that rushes to my head and the pain is only temporary but very annoying. Ive tried every medication possible, recently was given Fioricet but nothing stops the pain. It has now been going on for six days straight. Could this be more than sinus issues? please help?
chilly22 responded:
I have had the exact same thing going on now for several months. I only feel the ache/pain/cold burn on the right side of my head when I inhale through my right nostril.I have been to several doctors with no answers. Extremely annoying, would be an understatement, I can't take it any more. Going for an MRI today to see if there is something going on.
sedler14 replied to chilly22's response:
If you dont mind could you let me know what the MRI results ?