Abdominal Mirgaine's
sfbeam posted:
Hello. I am a 29 almost 30 year old women. I have been dealing with this disorder since I was 21. It all started with an ovarian cyst that was 7 cm and in torsion. I had emergency surgery to remove the cyst. Approximately 2 weeks after surgery I started having sever nausea pain and vomiting. This continued for 3 months of in and out of the hospital/ER and doctors office. Every test being done imaginable. Eventually the symptom went away on their own and we walked away thinking this would be the end of it. After about 3 months of good health I was stricken ill again. Same symptoms sever nausea pain and vomiting. This cycle continued over the next 2 years with no answers. I was being told it was in my head and there was nothing physically wrong with me. I saw GI specialists, general practitioners, specialists at UCLA. Finally my general practitioner found information on Abdominal Migraines. In 2006 this was still a virtually unheard of diagnosis. Over the past 8 years I have been hospitalized 5 different times. Plus countless office and ER visits. I dropped down to 112 lbs at my worst point and looked like a walking skeleton. I have found help with the symptoms. I am currently on 2 anti-depressants as well as birth control to eliminate my period. In Nov/Dec I tried to come off medication. I would like to be able to start a family. It was a terrible failure to come off medication. I am currently back on all meds and trying to forget about having a family. I feel like I have no where to turn. I have not met another person with this condition. My doctors are still in the dark regarding a good treatment. I guess I just felt it was time to reach out and stop trying to deal with this all by myself. I am tired of not having control over my own body and popping pills everyday of my life. I guess the setback in Nov/Dec finally made me realize I would be dealing with this for the rest of my life. It is a very depressing thought.
nmg141631 responded:
This post was from a year ago...do you still get on here? I am new to this site but I know exactly what you are going through. I am 28 and have been sick since I was 14. I have been to mayo clinic and every major hospital in my state about two years ago a internal med dr finally took another look in to my file because like you I was told it was all in my head. I was diagnosed with abdominal migraines and feel completely alone.
sfbeam replied to nmg141631's response:
I am still watching this post. I can't believe you were in the dark for so long. I know for me at least it was some what of a relief to have a name for what was happening to me. Have you found a treatment that seems to work for you? Thank you for reaching out to me, you are the first ever.
nmg141631 replied to sfbeam's response:
yea i posted on this feed that day and told more of my story. i was also diagnosed with gastroprastsis in june 2013. im on blood pressure meds to help