Pre-menstrual Migraine!!!!
brunette1171 posted:
I am 41, had my only child at 22, and have not had any sort of chemotherapy, hysterectomy, or radiation. For the last six years (since I turned 35) I have had pre-menstrual migraines that last about two days. Up until last summer they were mostly the intense pain in my temples and nausea but then they changed to those symptoms, plus vomiting: 3 or 4x over those two days each month. I vomit even if there is nothing in my stomach! I've tried acupuncture, birth control pills, estrogen patch, NOTHING works! I have Sumatriptan but it doesn't always work and I really hate to take an Rx pill, not to mention it has a weird side effect that makes it feel like my throat is closing up.
Does anyone else have this kind of migraine? I am at my wits' end. I hate when my period approaches because I feel like it's a death sentence; i don't know what the solution is and I can't go on like this. It's no way to live. If someone out there has found a way to cope without medicating yourself to the gills, please let me know because I can't take much more. Thanks and God Bless.
kdquinton responded:
I highly recommend you trying an all natural progesterone cream!! This really helped me for a while. The very first time I tried it I rubbed it directly on my forehead & it began to ease my pain. I have used OTC (Over-the-Counter) & Precription compounded before. I think they really are about the same. If you hv great ins & want to get hormone levels chkd first, you mite want to see a dr. If not, see a health food store. My favorite is Now brand Progesterone made from Wild Yams. Unscented used twice a day & will last for a month
An_249441 responded:
Hi, Have they given you anything for the vomiting? Phenergan helped me a lot for vomiting, and there are others.

If you get that under control, you might have room to try different triptans or other meds to get the migraines controlled. There are many treatment options available for migraines, keep your hopes up and things will get better.

You might also want to consider an anti-anxiety med for some of your bad days. For me, I was amazed at how much my headaches were driven by me getting all wound up by the situation. I was prescribed Xanax (only 4pills/month) and it really helped me cope with managing the headaches better. Once I got comfortable with new coping techniques, I don't use the Xanax. .

Well I'm realizing that you wanted answers that didn't include meds, but I don't know of any other way to treat migraines as bad as what you've described. Taking most migraine meds have side effects, but I always found them to be much easier than the headaches.

Hope this helps.
An_249441 replied to kdquinton's response:
Never heard of using progesterone, is it really available OTC? If so, then I'd say brunette1171 should give your recommendation a try first.