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Vestibular Migraines
Bree123 posted:
Hi, I am new to this forum. I started having vertigo symptoms 3-4 months ago while driving in my car, if i would look in my blind spot. It would come and go. Last month the vertigo turned into a constant funny feeling in my head. It is a hard to explain feeling. But kind of feels like i have pressure in my head like when you are taking off in an airplane or going on a rollercoaster. Also like I am on a moving escalator at the airport, the ones that you walk on. This funny dizzy feeling lasts all day long and does not make me sick. I figured it was inner ear. I went to my doctor who referred me to a neurologist. I had an MRI and showed some demylination. They thought I had MS, ordered another MRI with contrast and it looked fine. My neurologist says that I probably have something called vestibular migraines. I do not have headaches with my symptoms. I am on a beta blocker now that takes my symptoms from debilitating to somewhat managable. However, I now notice that my head shakes all of the time, Just lightly, but it is constantly bobbing to and fro. I am wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms or has any input. I just don't know if I am diagnosed correctly.
kdquinton responded:
I have the strangest suggestion you've ever heard. I had a similar vertigo once & was told a virus had settled in my head indefinitely. ?? Quite by chance, I thought I might be getting a yeast infection & took a pre-emptive strike with Diflucan The next day the dizziness was gone (I can't remember if I had to retake it the next week or so). None of the doctors at that time thought it made sense. But if you can get "swimmers ear" bacteria growing in your ear, isn't that like a yeast? Well, I am not a doctor and you can research The Yeast Connection and the Woman & get a lot of confusing information But a relatively simple, inexpensive (compared to what you have already been through) is to take a dose of Diflucan, a one dose oral prescription for yeast infections if your doctor will prescribe it

I have chronic daily migraines However, I sometimes have pain free migraines so I know exactly what you're describing. Hope this is of some help.
Bree123 replied to kdquinton's response:
Thank you for your reply. I still may try your suggestion but I have since been to another neurologist and he diagnoses me with cervical dystonia. I believe it was caused by a sleeping medication that I was taking called trazodone. I have permanent damage to my basal ganglia. It has become very debilitating.

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