Smell cigarette smoke - severe headache
tallbarb99 posted:
Many years ago, I was having severe (suicidal) headaches. I was at my wit's end. I was fortunate to be referred to a headache specialist who had me take 1 naproxen sodium (500 mg/ea) twice a day and 2 nortriptyline at bedtime. Result - no headaches - he saved my life. I still take the meds and am afraid to stop, so I won't unless I have to. About 3 years ago, I started smelling cigarette smoke (no other odors at all) when there was none - there are only 2 people in my home and we don't smoke - nobody I know smokes, either - not even the neighbors - so I know for a fact it's not somebody hiding in my basement My husband doesn't smell anything when this is happening - so I know it's just me. It is worse if I am reclining and there is pressure on the underside of my shoulder blades - I know, that sounds odd, but it's true. I am smelling smoke right now but it's not too bad because I'm sitting and not leaning on anything. I also experience dizzy spells - not often but every once in a while, I feel "whoaaaaaa" like I'm about to "go down" - faint, whatever you want to call it. I've had an MRI of the brain, got hooked up to a bunch of electrodes and nothing showed up that was concerning. Well, the fact that there's nothing obvious is concerning to ME. My whole family has issues with immune related diseases - I have GRAVES and GERD and Raynaud's on top of the headaches and smoke thing. I read on this forum that someone thought these odors might indicate small strokes - wouldn't that show up in the tests I've had? Anybody else have any suggestions? It's not like this affects my life all that badly - it's just annoying and I get irritable when it's happening. Especially since the smell of smoke makes my throat want to close up - gag!!