Side effects of Botox for Migraines
Patricia3 posted:
I recently underwent the series of injections of botox for my migraines. I know there are some side effects, but has anyone had extreme weakness in the neck and shoulders at the site of some of the injections? I am having extreme weakness. Also, having many more headaches than I had before the botox. I am going back in to see my neurologist on Monday. Would like to know if others had similar experiences. Thanks Pat
Kdquinton responded:
I didnt hv this (but makes sense since its a poison that kills nerves) But I had extreme gastric distress w Botox so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night gagging on the indigestion coming up in my throat This lasted about two weeks. Also in other threads on this website I hv read that initial migraines from Botox are common and that most need more than 1treatment for it to begin to work I don't know the details b/c I only tried once That discussion thread might be under the 10 year migraine