Butterburr root extract? (Petadolex)
ellsworth52 posted:
I recently read some information on this and I am thinking of trying it. Has anyone had success with this supplement in preventing or reducing the severity of their migraines? I have acute chronic migraines (15-25) each month - I just had 2 migraine-free days and today starts another headache cycle. I have tried most of the prescribed medications and even had a spinal implant. They just didn't work and the medical doctors are at a loss for what else I can do. I've used herbs and natural compounds (made at our local pharmacy lab), for other ailments/conditions and they always give me enough relief to be able to enjoy my life - without any side-effects. (Doctor said I am side-effect sensitive.) Anyone??
rosielou responded:
I'll be interested to hear of your experience with this. Please let us kow how it goes.

ellsworth52 replied to rosielou's response:
I definitely will RosieLou~ Shirley