Rebound headaches
Patricia3 posted:
I would like to talk to anyone who has been diagnosed with rebound headaches.
WPOD1 responded:
What would you like to know?
Patricia3 responded:
Hi WPOD1 I have been diagnosed with rebound headaches due to Migraines by the Neuroscience and Pain Clinic. I was on Fiorcet, Norco 10/325, Maxalt and Excedrin. I saw my Neurologist today and we will try increasing my Topamax each week to see if that helps me get off the Norco. I have gotten off the Fiorcet and excedrin so far. And the neurologist said if all else fails and I can't do it on my own she can put in the hospital for a couple of days to help get me off all pain meds if I need to. I am celebrating my Golden Wedding Anniv in 2 weeks so I want to enjoy that!!! She agrees. I was just wondering if anyone else has undergone this diagnosis. Thanks Pat