chronicmigriane posted:
I had a full blown migraine for a week now. I have taken Topamax 25mg which my Dr . has prescribed me. It hasn't worked cause its full blown. I slept for 2 days straight, Had dizziness, light headed , blurred vision, tingling in my hands. I had Thyroid Cancer that was removed in 2009 and the Cancer came back in 2011 did all the treatments. Still had the headaches , but not as bad. Till last Saturday its been none stop. I don't know what to do? I have tried the heating pad the ice on my neck , that didn't help . I cant even go to school , had to take a LOA . Is there anyone out there can help me or give me advice or directions please .... Thank you
NeNe_11 responded:
Topamax is only a preventative medication & will stop a migraine once it has begun. Call your doctor & he/she should be able to call you in a rescue or abortative medication.
ellsworth52 responded:
Topamax is a preventative migraine treatment - it usually takes a few weeks before it really works as a preventative. It is supposed to lessen or prevent the number of migraines you get.

There are many 'abortives' that can help once you get a migraine - these abort or stop the migraine in it's tracks. If I can catch my migraine at the very beginning, my abortive works within an hour. If my migraines is already full-blown (like if I wake up with it), my abortive can take up to 3 hours to abort it.

I would call your physician and get a prescription for an abortive. This should really help.