cluster headaches?
ellsworth52 posted:
I've had migraines forever and they have progressed to having one per day for up to nine days in a row. They do not come on at regular intervals - they just come on.
I've had people tell me this sounds like cluster headaches - my doctor calls them acute chronic migraines.
So - are cluster headaches just migraines that go on for days? Or are they something entirely different? What is the treatment for cluster headaches?
Just curious. Shirley
ellsworth52 responded:
OK I just read on another discussion that with cluster headaches, you have runny eyes and nose. I sometimes have this with my migraines (Doc calls them acute chronic migraines), so I wonder if when I do have these symptoms, I am having a migraine and a cluster headache at the same time. My doctor also said having migraine 'runs' - running on for days and days - is pretty common. Mine used to run on for only 3-4 days; the last one ran on for 10 days. It is very frustrating to say the least. I went to a pain specialist and tried Topamax, Neurontin, and Lyrica - didn't help. She also did a spinal implant on me - I kept it for a full year - it didn't work at all. I am trialing Petadolex (Butterbur extract) right now. I haven't tried Botox as I'm learry of anything that paralyzes the forehead muscles - a poison in fact. thanks for all your support. Shirley