Extreme sharp & alarming pain in head during climaxing....curious of possible cause
Viewer68 posted:
My girlfriend had serious, alarming sharp pain in her head when she climaxed during intercourse. She immediately got off me and just rolled over while grabbing her head in agony. I'm not educated in the medical field so all I could think was aneurysm. It faded away after 20 secs. Very interested in knowing what this could be. She is 56 yrs of age. Non-smoker. Exercises 5 days a week. Predominantly healthy on our standards. She does drink wine on weekends. She did not want to go to ER. Afraid of having her reaching these intense climaxes now...thinking it may happen again. Was reading up and read on "cluster headaches" but this did not last but 20 secs..so not sure what could cause this. Any insight would be appreciated.