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    Confusing Symptoms
    WilliamGrnt posted:
    My mother for years suffered from symptoms and I think I am starting to suffer from them. It starts with chills and uncontrollable shivering. Sometimes lasting for hours. Then, on occasion nausea ensure with vomiting, often more than once. This is followed my continual headaches and stomach aches.

    For me, this started two days ago. I couldn't do my job at work as I could not concentrate and my vision would sometime become blurry. I take the bus home and nearly passed out while waiting for it. I slept all day the next day and now going on day three, I still have headaches and stomach aches, but I now also have a sharp pain in my lower left back.

    Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? Anything I can to about it?
    makenzismom2008 responded:
    I am having confusing symptoms as well. I have numbness and tingling on the right side of my face and arm. Also have the dizziness, light headed, nausea at times too. My neurologist said its all migraines but it is just very wierd to me and I dont know what to do about it. It started a little over a week ago and I was hospitalized becuase these are also stroke symptoms. I have the same symptoms now as I did in the emergency room and they say its vitamin d and b deficiency and migraines...very confusing..
    rosielou responded:
    Hi William,

    What you've described does sound like migraine, maybe head and abdominal migraine since you have so much nausea and vomiting.

    The back pain might be a result of the vomiting, but maybe not. I've pulled muscles from the extreme action of the vomiting, it's really awful as you know.

    Please make a doctor appointment and take charge of this. There are some meds that can help stop the headache, but you have to take them as soon as you feel it coming on.

    rosielou replied to makenzismom2008's response:
    Hi Makenzismom,

    Those symptoms can definitely be migraine related. Is this new, and that's why it's weird and confusing? It sounds like you're working with a good doctor. Over time you will develop trust in her/him and then you might get more comfortable with everything.

    Get some supplements for the B and D deficiencies, those will help a lot.

    awillard08 replied to rosielou's response:
    Hi RosieLou,

    Yes this is a new problem. I have always had minor headaches but nothing with these new symptoms. I am not used to working with a specialist so this has been very frustrating. I saw her in the hospital 2 weeks ago and wont be able to see her again until the end of Sept. She has me on a large amount of B and D supplements at this time. I have tried a migraine medication but I cannot function on it either so I am not taking it. I have to leave messages with her assistant and the messages have not been getting communicated to the dr correctly so it just feels like a three ring circus. I have gotten no relief and now my job is in jeopardy. Ugghh! Illness is ridiculous!
    rosielou replied to awillard08's response:
    Hi Awillard08,

    Are you also Makenzismom? I think you are, so I'll answer that way. I found an earlier post about your hospital stay.

    It's pretty common to have to wait weeks or months to see a neurologist, so you'll have to hang on for awhile. Please don't get too upset about all of this, that might feed some of the migraine.

    Do you know a GOOD massage person? The right one might be able to work your neck shoulders and head, gently, and quiet down some of the tension. You can also use a cold pack on your forehead or neck to soothe. Some people prefer a warm damp washcloth. (For bad ones I use cool on forehead and warm on back of neck, at the same time.)

    Can I ask some questions? What are the meds you're taking, Rx and OTC? You mentioned Imitrex in one of the posts. Can you tell me how you take it, such as when, how much, and how often? How about Advil or any of its NSAID cousins? You don't want to take too much of any of them.

    Did she give you any other instructions, such as something to do or avoid doing?

    I'll try to help get this one settled down, and hope that other people will also chime in with advice. Mostly, try not to worry too much. You might be one of the lucky ones who have one nasty round of headaches, and then poof! Gone forever!

    rosemirrors6 replied to rosielou's response:
    Hi there - so sorry to hear of your troubles and pain. I too suffer from severe chronic migraines with aura, vomiting, nauseous, blurry vision, shakes & chills. Do you know what your migraine triggers are? It could be food, skipped meals, vitamins, bright sunlight, dappled light, loud noises, and most of all stress. Those are my triggers for a migraine, when any of these happen, I know Im going to get hit with an ice pick in my head (figural) and puke on my lap, it comes on so fast. I take 2-3 prophylactic meds and 2-4 meds for the actual migraine pain.. I still suffer from at least 15 migraines a month. I have had them for 36 years, beginning at the age of 16. They have increased in frequency, duration and intensity and has cost me three jobs and many many family functions, doctor appointments, and my own 'to do' things.
    I would suggest that you find a good neurologist, a nutritionist, a physical therapist may be able to work on some trigger points to help reduce intensity and frequency.
    The best thing you can do for yourself is find a good neurologist and try to keep your stress levels low.
    I hope you get some relief as I know 1st hand the pain you are experiencing. Good luck, stay well.
    rosielou replied to rosielou's response:
    A bit more,

    I hope my questions didn't bother you. You'd mentioned about not taking the meds because of problems, so my thought was to help with that aspect, that's all.

    makenzismom2008 replied to rosielou's response:
    @Rosie yes I am also awillard08. Somehow it wouldn't let me login to my old account but sometimes it lets me now that I have created a new one...silly I know...I am taking Excedrin Migraine with my morning vitamins, naproxen during the day and another Excedrin Migraine in the evenings. The Imitrex I only took half a pill one time becuase of effects it had on me. I have my fiance rub my neck and my head sometimes at night. I use a cold rag or bad of ice in a towel on my forehead when nothing else helps. I am also taking a sleeping pill due to the fact that my neurologist saying that I have not been sleeping correctly for years and this is supposed to fix all of this.

    Before I never had any triggers or symptoms but now I am. I am sensitive to light and sound very bad at this point. I spent two weeks at home in the dark and just now a month after leaving the hospital I am able to work and be in the light. Strong smells are starting to bother me as well. I am a smoker but the neurologist instructed me not to quit at this point because it will only increase my headaches. I actually spoke to the neurologist last thursday which is almost a month after my discharge from the hospital and it seems that every message I have been leaving with her assistant has not being given to her as I have said it. Still just plain aggravating...
    rosielou replied to makenzismom2008's response:
    So much going on, you must be miserable.

    The first thing to mention is that taking Excedrin and naproxen every day can actually be a problem and cause rebound headaches. Try to get away from that daily dosing.

    What are the side effects that you experience with the Imitrex? Some of us get a heavy feeling pressing against the chest, but it releases after awhile. If you can tolerate the side effects and use a full Imitrex pill it might help, but it doesn't work for everybody.

    The sensitivity to light, sound, and smells are classic symptoms of migraine headaches. You'll learn which soaps, shampoos, candles, etc, you can tolerate. If it's bad enough you might buy new lamps, light fixtures, or lightbulbs.

    Maybe not quit smoking now, but certainly cut back some. When you smoke it affects the blood vessels in a way that will contribute to a migraine developing, or getting worse if you already have one. I know that because I've been a smoker and had to quit because of its impact on the migraines. You've probably already experienced the pain increase with a smoke, mine was the occasional little zigzag white pain across the left eye. Okay, enough about that.

    Work with your neurologist and keep notes about what works and what doesn't. It might take awhile but you'll probably come up with a lifestyle and maybe meds that will allow you to have a manageable life.

    Remember that you can change to a different doctor if this one doesn't fit you, but you should give her (and her staff) a fair chance to figure it out. Sometimes front desk people have a tough job, they get pulled in so many directions. Maybe spend a few seconds asking how their day is going and chat for a bit?

    I hope your headaches decrease and you can go back to your life again. Rosie
    makenzismom2008 replied to rosielou's response:
    Thank you I am working on seeing which things trigger and hurt or help. I know first hand from working the medical field in the past that they are pulled in all directions...its mainly the dr that is aggravating becuase I call repeatedly and she doesn't return the call. I am feeling better than I did a month ago. Its just something that will take time I guess. I am not very patient when it comes to being in pain..haha
    rosielou replied to rosemirrors6's response:
    Hi Rosemirrors,

    We are very similar in our triggers. I was out at a community event today and got a surprise flash of glaring sunlight in my eyes, someone had lifted a shiny pan lid that reflected the sun, and was instantly in migraine pain. I carry my meds and was able to calm it down enough to drive home. But I get tired of missing fun because of the stupid headaches.


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